Hi, I'm Janine Mason

I grew up on an orchard in New Zealand...

I attended Otago University and got a degree in the Medical Sciences with the goal of attending Medical School. My heart was to help people. After a year in Medical School, I heard God speak to me to leave and to attend a small Bible school. That took me on a ministry trip, my first trip to the USA, where I fell in love with the big thinking culture of America. It would be 20 years before I returned.

Thrived on a challenge...

After University and Bible School I did a series of jobs that included project management and adult training.

A highlight was serving on the board of a preschool and being integral in helping them expand to a second physical location. I was surprised at my capacity to navigate all the financial, city regulation, and community challenges that came with the project. In spite of much doubt, we renovated the building, gained all the permits and opened in record time.

During this season I met and married my best friend Andy Mason.

Faced my biggest fears... 

By the time we had been married eight years, we had four children,  renovated and sold four homes and served in leadership of our local young adults and preschool board. 

Just when we felt settled, secure and focused on the next 10 years in New Zealand, God spoke to us to leave everything and go to a new country. I told myself it would be for nine months as we were ripped out of family, friends and community into the unknown.

This was a new season of trusting God for everything!

Experienced God's faithfulness...

It was scary and painful and we became well acquainted with living with uncertainty. But little by little, as we continued to listen and respond to the voice of God, we began re-establish in our new home country. We watched as our children thrived and as God opened doors for us to minister and influence people as we had always desired to do. We started Dream Culture to help people become all they were called to be. And in the same way as Andy started Heaven in Business, I also started Kingdom in the Classroom. This aimed to help educator’s partner with God at school.

I learned... 

It’s been quite a journey…through wildfires and evacuation, crazy medical journeys and major uncertainty. Through it all we’ve learned to trust God and find solutions that work in real life…even when it’s messy. My heart is to walk with others to help them find strategies and solutions that work for their life also. I know that just as God has met us every step of the way, He will meet you too.


Let our life lessons and practical application give you hope and momentum.

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