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Practical tools to partner with God at work, build a better business, and engage the wellbeing of your city

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The Kingdom of God is the administration and operating system of Jesus... and itĀ affects every area of life, including business.

A banker can be just as called as a preacher, a craftsman can impact as many lives as an evangelist, a builder of a Kingdom-driven business can encourage, equip, and empower people for noble purposes.

1. Experience God at Work

The wisdom of Heaven works everywhere. God wants to partner with you where you are.

2. Build a Better Business

As you implement His principles and walk in His presence, you walk in the provision of Heaven.

3. Engage Your City's Wellbeing

You invite others to experience the blessings of the King, touching them in tangible ways.

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THE HOPE DIRECTIVEĀ (501c3) disciples local leaders, multiplies skillsets and fills the gaps to facilitate growth and transformation. Multiply mentoring. Multiply events and resources or come teach & train with us.