Atlanta 2023 Conference Replay 

Affirm & apply the principles of Kingdom business and elevate your experience of God at work

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Re-experience-- or experience-- the conference of the year! 

Summer 2023 we gathered at Bethel Church (Atlanta) for our 2 day Heaven in Business intensive.

Once again, we-- 

✅ Affirmed the principles of Kingdom business

✅ Learned to apply those principles as we heard from practitioners and leaders living their sacred call in the marketplace

Now the sessions are available-- on-demand-- for you to review or even view for the first time. 

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What you'll learn

Our summer 2023 conference in Atlanta featured a unique arc in the Heaven in Business model.


Affirm our role as sons & daughters-- everything flows from position not performance.

Rhythm & Rest

Show up and do the work-- as an overflow of who we are, in the pace of grace the Father sets.

Remain Steadfast

Requiring faith and trust, the journey (though certain) isn't always easy-- move forward in confidence.

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Step 1 | Affirm the core concepts

 A Kingdom-business requires the right foundation

6 keynote sessions-- 

💥 Andy Mason talks about how to never be shaken-- even when life feels "shake worthy."

💥 Lief Heitland bolsters your identity-- and reminds you of your true position, your highest calling, and outlines the pitfalls to avoid.

💥 Shae Bynes discusses the importance of stepping into the rhythm of grace.

💥 Janine Mason encourages you to become a giant-- of the right kind.

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Step 2 | See how others apply the principles

And note that what God does for one of His sons or daughters He can-- and will-- do for others.

3 case studies / practical application

🔥 Case 1-- Discover the difference between asking God to bless your business as opposed to surrendering it to Him and then asking Him what He wants you to do with. See why 10X potential is actually closer than you realize.

🔥 Case 2-- Move from lawsuits & bankruptcy to $25K each week in revenue and onward to $200K... in less than 9 months!

🔥 Case 3-- Tap into fresh vision for the Kingdom-difference a Kingdom-driven business can make.

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Step 3 | Experience God at work with you

And, as you do, note that you're not alone!

 Revelation 12:11 tells us that we overcome by the "blood of the Lamb" AND the "word of our testimony."

That is--

⚡️ The past work of Jesus has set all things in order

⚡️ The declaration and re-telling of our stories ignites faith in each other that He continues moving, exerting His presence and power now, over every domain in life... over health, our families, our finances... and even business.

As we hear God's principles and see how others have put them into practice, we recognize that He can-- and will-- do the same for us.

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Practical training to experience God’s presence, His power, and His partnership Monday thru Friday

God sees your work as a sacred calling; He wants you to do the same.

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Meet the founders

Andy & Janine Mason, Founders | Heaven in Business

Andy & Janine strongly believe that God isn’t limited to the pulpit, that He’s actually interested in the marketplace.

And, if that’s the case, that means the gifts and calling you have— to succeed in business— were not only given you to you by God, but that God ALSO wants you to excel in that sacred calling— effectively working in such a way that the results you achieve could only be attributed to the supernatural.

To that end, they launched “Heaven in Business,” a coaching organization with the unique dream of seeing ONE MILLION businesspeople clearly demonstrate partnership with God in their place of work— distinguished from among their colleagues by the tangible presence and power of God.

We believe you’re one of those leaders God wants to work through to do something only He can do— outside the four walls of the church.

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