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God is not limited to a pulpit, but where is the tangible evidence of a supernatural God with you every day in your work?



… to connect, train and activate business people to partner with God at work and engage in the wellbeing of the city they serve.


We believe that you and your work is a vital part of God’s plan to extend the Kingdom of God on the earth. At our core we believe that work is a primary place we get to forge our friendship with God.


A global online learning community, in-person workshops, adventure  retreats and individual or group advisory services. We are placing tools in your hand that will result in personal, business and city transformation. Grow in identity, grow in business, grow in influence.


We are all personally on the journey of partnering more with God at work. We don’t believe it ever ends. We continue experimenting. We continue learning from God and from one another. We won’t stop until we see the fullness of what Christ paid for manifest in our lives, business, communities and nations.

Let history say of us that we were friends of God.


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Andy Mason Heaven in Business



Andy Mason comes from New Zealand and has more than two decades of experience helping individuals and organizations discover and align with purpose, then develop practical steps to make dreams a reality.

He has worked for a national consultancy firm and leading financial institution as well as investing in international community development.

Andy is the director of Heaven in Business and has written three books including God With You at Work, Dream Culture: Bringing Dreams to Life and Finding Hope in Crazy Times: Daily Stories of Hearing God.  Andy and his wife, Janine, live in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

Michelle Raftery Heaven in Business


Membership & Events Coordinator

Michelle serves as your Membership Coordinator and also works with the HIB team to provide administrative, systems and accounting support.

Michelle and her family moved to Redding from the Dallas, Texas area. Hailing from the South, Michelle is an avid college football fan and loves to enjoy gameday with her family. Prior to moving to Redding, Michelle owned and led the administrative operations of a specialty trades contractor with operations across the U.S.

Janine Mason


Strategic Advisor & Coach

Andy says that Janine is the real brains behind Heaven in Business! In addition to being an outstanding mom of four powerful young adults, Janine's super power is asking highly perceptive questions that quickly reveal the heart of the matter. For the last two decades Janine has been Andy's strategic business, personal and life advisor (and best friend)!

Janine's background is in horticultural consulting and adult education. She is also an accomplished life coach working with individuals and small groups. Janine has authored multiple books including Dream Culture: Bringing Dreams to Life and Kingdom Tools for Teaching: Heavenly Strategies for Real Classrooms

Work with Janine

Advisory Services Team

These are proven practitioners we know and trust, who can help you grow excellent business that is centered on your partnership with God in all of life. Engage with them directly by clicking the links to their respective business sites.

Shae Bynes


Founder of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur, and author of Grace Over Grind and Doing Business God's Way

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Emma Sharma


Serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Salt + Light Academy. Author of How to Hear God at Work.

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Emma Sharma


Past Co-Founder, Executive and General Counsel for a global contracting firm. Founded Swallowtail Group.

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Dave Charlson


Founder of Authentic Sales. Dave's "King of Cat Litter" story featured in God With You at Work.

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Shae Bynes


Co-founder of Dream Culture. Heaven in Business insider. Author of Dream Culture, and Kingdom Tools for Teaching

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Dave Charlson


Start-up advisor to founders and capital formation lead; co-founder Education Networks of America.

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