A 6-week live course to learn how to hear God’s voice for everyday wisdom in your work 

Instant + forever access to the digital resources; live weekly calls begin Wednesday March 20, 2024

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This live, interactive community will help you-- 

💬 Learn three practical truths about hearing God's voice

🧭 Turn those instructions into practical action steps, with safeguards in place (to know you really heard Him and didn't just hear "what you wanted to hear")

🏁 Experience His presence & power at a higher level as you apply what He says

Yes, you CAN hear God's voice!

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You can hear the voice of God

We'll get better at it... together!

1. Learn the principles of hearing God's voice

We can all do it; most of us have just never been taught how to slow down and discern what God is saying.

2. Practice & improve

Even when we "miss it," we can learn to better hear His voice. The more we listen, the more we discover He's always speaking to us.

3. Experience greater relationship

God's voice is an invitation to encounter Him at a deeper level-- and He wants to be involved in every area of life. 

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Meet the instructors & hosts

Andy & Janine Mason, Founders | Heaven in Business

Andy & Janine believe God still speaks today...

Years ago, after clearly hearing His direction, they left a thriving career in New Zealand to move to the United States and "start over" (with a house full of kids!), with the unique dream of seeing ONE MILLION businesspeople clearly demonstrate partnership with God in their place of work— distinguished from among their colleagues by the tangible presence and power of God.

They believe-- 

📣 God speaks to you-- even now

📣 When He speaks, it's our invitation to take experience Him in everyday life and see the presence of the Kingdom

📣 Hearing His voice-- and taking then next steps-- is more fun in community

They'll be your guides on this journey.

Truths we'll explore about hearing God

🎧 You hear God more than you realize. Jesus affirmed, “My sheep hear my voice” (John 10:27)

🎧 The more we listen, the more we hear Him. Moses turned aside to see a burning bush… and, we must learn how to “pay attention” to similar moments in our lives so we can hear.

🎧 There are two PRIMARY safeguards to knowing you’re hearing God’s voice— and not just hearing what you “hope” to hear.

🎧 You CAN learn how to translate what you hear— once you affirm it’s God— into practical steps. In fact, this is one of the reasons God speaks… so we can experience His presence and power now.

🎧 We can also learn from others— from seeing how they encountered God. Throughout this journey you’ll see practical “case studies” of others who discovered the joy of hearing— and taking action.

🎧 And, you’re not stuck when you “hear nothing.” We’ll show you definite things you CAN do, right now, that are in alignment with God’s voice.

🎧 Hearing works great in community. God gave us relationships with others in the Kingdom to enhance our experience of life on earth. You’ll learn how to hear God in collaboration and community.

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Common Questions

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What You Get

1 | Video course

Instant access to the Hearing God video course (titled Hey God, What Now?!) = get a jump-start on the content framework well before the journey begins.

And, learn the principles and begin putting them into practice before we even begin (12 lessons, @ < 10 minutes each).

2 | Coaching

Access to the SIX LIVE coaching calls with Andy & Janine = learn the principles of hearing God for practical everyday wisdom AND get your questions answered in real time with prayer partners on the journey with you.

3 |  Community 

Membership in the Hearing God community = interact with others on the same path as you, providing mutual encouragement, equipping, and empowerment to accelerate forward!

4 | Launch team access

Get an early invite AND the inside scoop as Andy prepares to release the book in the Heaven in Business series, later this Spring.

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Learn lessons from decades of following the voice of God

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