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Finding Hope in Crazy Times

Daily Stories of Hearing God

If you feel life is sometimes crazy, you are not alone.

30 daily devotionals adapted from Andy's personal journal. In less than ten minutes, you can:

  • Read a quick real-life story, 

  • Hear what God says, 

  • Connect it to your own situation, and 

  • Apply a hope-filled action step to your day.

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"If you've found yourself in the midst of challenging times, you will surely find your own story within these pages. More importantly you'll find encouragement and will encounter the goodness of an extravagantly loving God." Shae Bynes

"Finding hope is essential to a successful life. In these pages you'll find a guide who has a string of successes finding exactly what you are looking for." Danny Silk

God With You at Work

What distinguishes you as a follower of Christ in the marketplace?

This book will validate you in your calling as a businessperson. It will launch you into a whole new realm of experiencing more from a partnership with God in your daily activity. Andy's personal journey and the stories from other real-life business people will shatter your 'normal' and become your stepping stone to access greater things.

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"If you've never been certain that God wants to break into your world and rock your business... you need this book" Perry Marshall

"If you are longing to get equipped with supernatural power to see societies transformed this book is for you." Kris Vallotton

Dream Culture: Bringing Dreams to Life

This book is a personal life coach tool that will connect you with God, walk with you to unlock the dreams and desires of your heart and empower yo to make them a reality. Each chapter contains simple and relevant teaching, inspiration, real-life stories and practical Dream Activation Exercises designed in conjunction with nationally renowned life-coach trainer, Tony Stoltzfus.

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"Rare is the book that is so intensely practical yet so powerfully supernatural. I look forward to seeing the affect this book will have on the hearts and minds of believers around the world." Bill Johnson

"At last there is a book that practically helps us not only dream, but gives us helpful steps in how to achieve those dreams. I couldn't put it down. Get this book today." Theresa Dedmon

Kingdom Tools for Teaching

Heavenly strategies for real classrooms.

This book brings both inspiration and practical tools to empower and activate you in bringing the Kingdom of God to ANY classroom. It is our heart to share these tools to inspire you to find your own and to adapt ours for your own classroom and school. We invite you to join us on a journey of stepping out of the mundane and into an adventure with Him that will shape students lives, the course of education and maybe even history itself.

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"If you've been looking for how to create a godly revolution around you in the classroom, then you've found what you've been looking for." Danny Silk

"...equips educators in all types of schools with time tested methods for bringing the heavenly culture to the academic realm." Sandy Woods

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