A proven process to hear God for practical decisions you need to make today.


Are you facing uncertainty and want to get clarity for the decisions to make next?

For the past three months, I have helped over 50 business owners do just that.

I've been doing this myself for decades and wondered if I could share my inside process with others. Good news... IT WORKS! Not only did they get clarity, but they took action, got results... and were pleasantly surprised with the level of courage and confidence that came from being in this together.

You are not alone.

Scott Ballard Confidence Coach

Scott Ballard

 This was a life changing experience for me. I learned how to hear from God and that He is speaking to me all the time. My problem was how to generate leads for my Dyslexic Business Owners Membership. I asked God the question, listened, heard him speak, then got counsel from wise people. Within 24 hours I got my answer from a totally different place than I thought. I found the Source AND the way to do it. I highly recommend this course.

Keenya Kelly Brand Consultant

Keenya Kelly

As a Branding and Marketing consultant I often rely on my experience and what the trends are saying for my business. Andy reminded me that God created it all and that I don't have to rely on "the experts" when Jesus is THE expert. As a result of shifting my focus I'm 100% on track with my business goals, watching God move in the most miraculous ways in my business.  For anyone considering this course, I highly recommend you enroll today.

Joshua Millage

Joshua Millage

If I had to sum up the Hey God What Now session in one word it would be "transformative". I experienced amazing breakthrough from Andy's teachings and I will always carry with me the methodology he shared. I'm coming away from the sessions with a renewed confidence in my identity, a refreshed spirit and a drive to go bigger with the dreams God has instilled in my heart. Thanks Andy!

Through this On Demand  course you will learn...

=> How to hear God:

  • Three truths to hearing God
  • Two foundational pillars to hearing God
  • Three safeguards to know it is God speaking

=> How to translate what you hear into practical decision-making

  • The simple five-step process to turn what you hear into results
  • Two truth statements that give confidence to taking action

=> Real-life examples of hearing God and the subsequent results

=> Life lessons from decades of following the voice of God

  • How to think outside your ‘box’
  • How to be aware of your bias in hearing
  • How to keep what you hear applicable to your daily life
  • How to know you are not hearing just what you want to hear
  • How to keep the big picture in mind
  • What to do if you hearing nothing
  • How to hear God in collaboration with others

If you are ready to go all-in...

...and gain the confidence and clarity in hearing God for the decisions you need to make today, hit the button below!


Suzie Williams

The Hey God What Now sessions were transformative in hearing God in my business through very difficult times.  Andy carries a supernatural wisdom and practical experience in guiding individuals to powerful change in how we partner with our Father in business. 

By far the best investment I have made for my business in uncertain times.


Andrew Montesi Media and Marketing

Andrew Montesi

Hey God What Now gives you the framework, disciplines and support to learn to hear God for yourself, even in the midst of massive pressures and challenges in business, and align yourself with what you’re called to do and who you’re called to be. For me, it was all about establishing the right habits, asking the right questions, and seeing and hearing from the perspective of the Kingdom. Andy helps facilitate this authentically and effectively. Highly recommended.
Ulysses David

Ulysses David

Hey God what now changed my heart. I am a hustler by nature and have a hard time waiting on God.

This course helped me to stop striving  by my own strength and instead partner with God in the plan He has for me. Not only did I learn the principles but I was able to put it into practice and received a God sized miracle at work. Thank you Andy!



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Learn a simple, 5-step, proven process to hear God for practical decisions you need to make TODAY.


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