205. On Becoming Less Offendable

Season #1

How easy is it for you to get offended? I cannot afford to let what offends me steal my time, focus and energy. So here's what I have learned to help me become less offendable.

1. Everyone has choices, whether I like it or not

2. People have different places of influence (I may be concerned, but can I influence this?)

3. Sometimes people are simple 'blind'

"Father forgive them for they don't know what they are doing." Jesus

And regarding social media posts: When was the last time you changed your mind as as result of reading something on facebook or instagram or twitter...?

Social media is a very poor choice of place to try to change someones opinion. The best place is to sit at a table... together... and have a conversation.

So learn to have the courage to let go. Is this your cause to champion? Regardless, grow in your ability to become less offendable... and you may well find your influence grows!

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