215. From Addict to Ambassador with Leif Hetland

Season #1

How does a small town Norwegian addict end up being awarded the global ambassador of peace award from the Grand Imam of Pakistan? This is the story of Leif Hetland who is also a keynote speaker at our annual Heaven in Business conference (so read or listen then register at Heaveninbusiness.com).

In this episode you will hear of Leif's growing up in Norway, what led to his addiction and how a baptism of forgiveness brought freedom. You will then be amazed how a random meeting with a small group of Baptist pastors in Norway resulted in Leif being baptized in the Holy Spirit and hearing God say to serve a people group he knew nothing about. He then shares what happened when a group of Pakistani's bring their 12-year crippled friend to a meeting.

In all this story you will see the kindness of God leading and guiding someone who simply said, "Yes." Then you will see how the burden and driving of achieving almost destroyed Leif again, until he experienced a baptism of the love of God which is what truly transforms us from the inside out. For more on Leif Hetland and to grab his resources see - LeifHetland.com