220. What I Learned in Zimbabwe and South Africa

Season #1

Recently Janine and I got to lead a team to Zimbabwe and South Africa. We called it an Adventure Missions Retreat - kind of a combination of executive retreat meets mission trip meets Africa adventure. Here's a quick report of what we did, what resulted and what we learned. 

Read the blog here - https://www.heaveninbusiness.com/blog/what-i-learned-from-zimbabwe

What did we do?

- Conference in Harare, Zimbabwe with Pastor Tom Deuschle, Celebration Ministries International teaching and training approximately 600 bi-vocational pastors and city leaders on partnering with God at work.

- We then took the team with Tommy Deuschle and two local leaders to Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe where we enjoyed fishing, game drives, individual strategic prayer sessions

- Following the lake excursion we flew to Cape Town, South Africa where we served with Brendon Knott and Colin Walker doing a Heaven in Business workshop for about 70 local business, non-profit and workplace leaders.

What were the results?

Our strategic objectives were as follows

1. Strengthen and Serve local leaders in their assignment

2. Activate the team and serve them in clarity for what's next

3. Connect train and activate participants of the events

Feedback from the local leaders (Tommy, Brendon, Colin) confirmed we achieved objective #1 with excellence. The team were activated and all gained clarity for next steps in their life and workplace calling. And the feedback from event participants was outstanding - 10/10. In both locations, the common critical feedback was that participants wanted another day of training! Words like 'life changing' and 'pivotal' were common. Best yet was feedback from the teams of people we served with who were blown away by the authenticity, genuine care and leadership wisdom.

What did we learn?

1. Our strategy is working! Discipleship the best strategy to change the world. 

2. Not all Collaboration is equal...

3. Low hope is a silent killer - see next blog/podcast (too much for this post)

4. Sin is Evil and Beauty exists right next door

NEXT STEP: If you want to multiply the message and work of Heaven in Business into people and places that are limited economically, join us in donating to our registered non-profit: The Hope Directive. Alternatively reach out to me personally with your questions or comments: [email protected]