225. Is Low Hope Silently Destroying You and Your Business?

Season #1

Low hope is like an invisible cancer that slowly consumes the life of a family, organization or nation.


1.How do you know if you are losing hope?

2. What is the solution? 

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Evidence of low hope:

  • withdraw and 'shelter-in-place' (defensive personally, professionally, organizationally)
  • reduced confidence (slower decision making, less clarity, quieter 'voice')
  • reduce risk, maintain rather than seek opportunity to grow (reduced marketing/investment)
  • avoid or tolerate pain rather than dealing with it (lean out vs. lean in)
  • victim mentality becomes entrenched ('I am powerless, you are at fault and someone else should pay for this...')

Result - shrinking economies, relationships, influence..., death without knowing, absence of the pleasure of God (see Luke 18:8 and Hebrews 10:39)

So what's the solution? 

  1. Repent, choose hope Psalm 43:5; Psalm 42:5, 6; Psalm 78; Hebrews 6:19, 20
  2. Remember God - Romans 4:17
  3. Receive hope from the Source of all hope - Romans 15:13
  4. Prepare for increase
    1. Gather new evidence (what IS happening?)
    2. Make practical steps to be ready (what COULD you do?)
    3. Change language (what are you SAYING and SOWING into your future?)

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