222. God in Media Production with Matt Neff

Season #1

Sight and Sound is a media production company with 800 employees, two locations and sold out shows - two thousand people, twice a day, six days a week!!! How we are only hearing of this now is surprising!

My family and I got to personally experience a show and behind-the-stage tour (twice!) and I'm delighted to introduce you to the CEO Matt Neff on this podcast. Hear some of the stories, how they lead and protect the culture of expectancy and what is coming up next year.

Better yet, Matt will be at our annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia, end of February 2024.

NEXT STEPS: Find out more about Sight and Sound Lancaster, PA or Branson, MO HERE (Sight-Sound.com)

Grab a ticket to the Heaven in Business annual conference. Details here -(Heaveninbusiness.com/conference-atlanta)