223. How to Disciple a Million Atheists (and they thank you for it)

Season #1

Marilyn was an argumentative atheist. Now she has built a website that had over 50 MILLION visitors last year, all seeking answers to hard questions about life and God. And ONE MILLION of them managed to find a follow-on link saying they made a decision to invite Jesus Christ into their life and wanted more information to get discipled.

I was shocked by how easy and genius this site is and amazed by the results. So if you want to hear the story of how Marilyn uses GOOGLE and FACEBOOK to lead millions to her website tackling the hard questions about life and God, watch this now!


1. Get more resources https://www.everystudent.info/

2. Get familiar with the site and look for opportunities to tell your friends - https://www.everyperson.com/

3. Come meet Marilyn at https://www.heaveninbusiness.com/conference-atlanta

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