240. How to Hear God Clearly with Bill Johnson

Season #2

We are currently in process of writing a book on hearing God at work. It's really the lessons we have learned from over four decades learning to hear God's voice... and we are still learning! Along the way there have been voices and moments that have helped us greatly. So here is one of these for you!

We had the pleasure of being on staff with Bill Johnson for over a decade, in Redding, California. We got to rub shoulders personally and have him interact with our business community as he spoke at Heaven in Business conferences and retreats.

My favorite experience was observing Bill interact over lunch with a Christ-centered, billion-dollar business founder. They were equally sharing how their journeys were rooted and grounded in hearing God through scripture and continually leaning in, prioritizing listening for the voice of God.

This clip was used by personal permission of Bill Johnson and highlights how to hear the voice of God clearly.


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