244. Faith Hope and LGBTQ

Season #2

How do you navigate faith, work, diversity, equality and inclusion and LGBTQ? Is it possible to leave the LGBTQ ideology (and theology)? What is the key to real change if change is possible?

In this episode Elizabeth Woning shares her journey from embracing lesbianism in an LGBT-affirming environment (and seminary) to questioning her beliefs after experiencing the love of God at a charismatic event. A highly personal prophetic message led her on a deep desire for God's love over temporary gratification.

Woning discussed her journey of leaving the LGBT community and embracing a faith-based perspective, emphasizing the need to surrender her previous identity for spiritual fulfillment. Facing rejection from the LGBT community after embracing biblical faith was a major turning point that brought personal challenges and growth. She stressed the importance of deepening one's relationship with God beyond seeking relief from struggles, focusing on self-discovery in connection with divine love and purpose.


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