248. Delayed and Cancelled: What to do

Season #2

We sat on the plane for thirty minutes then heard that the flight was cancelled due to technical difficulties.

We had just finished our first marriage retreat in Puerto Rico with eight couples. It was a wonderful experience but now we had a bunch of appointments and business to attend to on our return home. Until the flight got cancelled.

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We now had two options.

1. Freak out. Panic. 


2. See this as an invitation to adventure.

What's the point?

A) You will have delays and cancellations in life. It's inevitable.

B) Choose NOW what you will do when that happens. Choose adventure. Choose invitation. Trust God. And have a plan (travel insurance, team members trained, someone to look after the dog...)

C) Then go have fun and adventure. Make new memories. Share the joy. And remember, ice cream always helps 🤪.


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