251. How to Publish Your Own Book

Season #2

In this episode, we delve into the process of creating our upcoming book, "Listen Up! Hearing God at Work," slated for release on September 1st.

  • We discuss the accessible avenues for writing a book, whether through DIY methods or collaborative efforts with professionals like Andy Jenkins.
  • We weigh the pros and cons of self-publishing versus traditional publishing, emphasizing the importance of marketing and investing in quality services for editing, design, and formatting.
  • Furthermore, we outline the costs involved in self-publishing and share insights on audiobook production.
  • Our next steps involve finalizing the book, gathering endorsements, and developing supplementary content to build momentum for the launch.

Throughout this journey, we've learned valuable lessons about the significance of effective marketing, embracing challenges, and expanding our reach through strategic partnerships - and today we're sharing it all with YOU!