212. Four Themes I'm Seeing Right Now

Season #1

As we meet with individuals and organizations around the world we notice certain things that are repeated. Often there will be seasons during which God is highlighting something that keeps popping up regardless of the size or stature of the business or individual. In this episode I give you four themes that are repeatedly showing up in conversations with clients and peers and what you can do about it.

For full notes and questions for application see HeaveninBusiness.com/Blog/Four-Themes-For-Now

1. The Value of Endurance - intentional consistency over time with a determined resolve to never give up, back down or turn aside.


2. Assumed or True Responsibility - what are you really responsible for? And what are you feeling the weight of but don't actually have the authority (responsibility) to do something about? 

 3. Boundaries - reinforcing what is mine and what is not mine. Strengthening my 'no' or 'not now' or 'not ever!'


4. Choose Joy - this is an inside choice as opposed to a feeling (happiness), that comes and goes. You have absolute control over your measure of joy in all circumstances. In the midst of endurance and challenge and adversity you can choose joy by noticing something beautiful along the way, or helping someone worse off that you, or simply smiling at people around you. 


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