230. Lessons from a Mini-Retreat

Season #2

Last week Janine and I went out of town for a couple days to have a mini-retreat, hear God and plan the year... without distractions. There's something special about getting out of your normal 'space' to get away and get a different perspective. Check out last weeks' blog and podcast to hear about how we prepared.

In this episode I highlight some of our key lessons and outcomes and encourage you to make the time to get away and hear God for yourself.

Read the blog here - Heaveninbusiness.com/blog/lessons-from-our-mini-retreat-and-how-you-can-do-the-same

What did we do...

What did we learn

- Let go of the specifics and timing

- Hold onto connection

- Be tenderhearted

- Ask lots of questions

- Go for a walk.... and eat ice cream (regardless of the outside temperature!)



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