Six Benefits of having a Spiritual Director

discipleship feedback spiritual director wisdom wise counsel Feb 28, 2024
Wise counselor

This year both Janine and I have engaged with a licensed Spiritual Director and we are going through a 10 month curriculum based on the spiritual exercises of St Igancius. To be candid, EVERYONE should do this! My individual walk with God is deepening, I am growing in confidence and trust and I look forward to my 1:1 calls each week that always recenter and refocus me on what is most important.

Last week I was pondering how valuable this without even thinking too long, came up with six benefits of walking with a spiritual director. By "spiritual director" I am referring to someone trained, wise and spiritually mature that you meet with on a regular and consistent basis (for us this is weekly one hour 1:1).

Six benefits of having a spiritual director:

1. Protect that which is most important

2. Slow down and capture learning - reflect

3. Slow down and connect with your heart - what is REALLY going on?

4. Wise counsel to sort between the good and the great.

5. Suppport, encouragement, comfort

6. Same reason you have a sports coach or business coach, only eternally valuable: to grow beyond comfort and become what you know you are capable of (or beyond that!)

So what about you? Who do you have that can help you grow... loves you enough to ask you the tough questions? What about grabbing a couple of trusted friends and committing to meet regularly together to challenge one another to more?


- Grab a friend a commit to meet and grow together

- Join to access a wider community growing together on a weekly basis

- Contact us if you are looking for a paid spiritual advisor or director. We know some great ones!!!

- Check out for a trusted source of spiritual directors