211. What are you here for?

Season #1

What brought you to this podcast and website about God and business? I believe it's because you are not satisfied with the level of favor, influence and competitive advantage (or lack of it) that the majority of Jesus-followers in the marketplace experience. Even more that that I believe something inside you is hungry... even desperate to experience something Jesus promised, and Moses spoke about, and Isaiah prophesied, and Abraham modeled...

I believe you resonate with a dream to experience the fullness of what is possible with God on the earth, in our lifetime. If you want to get connected, trained and accelerated on that journey then you have come to the right place!

In getting on the same page there's a few things we want you to know. Think of this as a quick-sheet to get started:

Read the blog here: Heaveninbusiness.com/blog/what-are-you-here-for

Next step: Grab a free copy of the book God With You at Work and walk through the application exercises at the end of each chapter. Heaveninbusiness.com/free

Bonus next step: Join us in-person at an upcoming event near you. Even better, join us online where we are growing in identity, in business and in influence together. Each week we meet over a one-hour zoom call sharing stories of what God is doing at work all around the world and then strategically show you how to use scripture as a prayer template in business that gets results! Join the free seven day trial - Heaveninbusiness.com/free-trial

And may God answer you in the day of trouble, send help from His sanctuary and fulfill the purpose for which you are breathing oxygen right now! See Psalm 20.