What are You Here For?

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What are you here for

What brought you to this blog and website about God and business? I believe it's because you are not satisfied with the level of favor, influence and competitive advantage (or lack of it) that the majority of Jesus-followers in the marketplace experience. Even more that that I believe something inside you is hungry... even desperate to experience something Jesus promised, and Moses spoke about, and Isaiah prophesied, and Abraham modeled...

I will never leave you... My Presence will go with you and I will give you rest... talk with God face to face like a man talks with his friend... known as God's friend...

I know what it is to work hard, get really good at my craft and receive favor and results that come from that. What I most hunger for is to experience the fullness of the person of God with me - His Presence, power, and wisdom (innovation, creativity, excellence) in my daily work. 

I am now well on my own journey of learning and growing and experiencing what I believed was possible. At the same time, I believe we have only barely scratched the surface of what is accessible to those who believe. Of the increase of His government and peace there is no end (see Isaiah 9:7). I have personally witnessed fractured necks being healed in an instant, metal dissolving in a woman's wrist, a witchcraft supply company drying up less than two weeks after communion and prayer around the building, lawsuits dissolving, business ideas and strategies being divinely accessed and implemented, marriages healed and experiencing joy, children thriving, city economic engines coming back to life and vision being restored... I have also walked with people as businesses have failed, wrongful lawsuits have succeeded, friends have died, clients have betrayed their spouse and scarred their children...and city's reject clearly obvious pathways to prosperity! THIS IS MESSY!

Actually it is no different (actually, possibly much better) than in Jesus day and Jesus himself told us it would be like this (see Matthew 24).

So, why are you here? I believe you resonate with a dream to experience the fullness of what is possible with God on the earth, in our lifetime. If you want to get connected, trained and accelerated on that journey then you have come to the right place.

In getting on the same page there's a few things we want you to know. Think of this as a quick-sheet to get started:

Success and the Power of God

We believe all that Jesus promised and all that scripture clearly outlines. There is a pathway to abundantly successful life and a pathway to everything decaying from the inside out - both in this life on earth and eternally. Poverty is a system that Jesus came to destroy, so embracing poverty as something spiritually noble is not only stupid, it's also not biblical. On the other hand, seeking prosperity out of self-centered greed or pride is also anti-Christ and is the fruit of the world system. Our success comes from seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33). We seek growth and increase and abundance SO THAT we can fulfill what He has given us to do in the earth. Genesis 12:2 - in you and in your seed ALL THE FAMILIES OF THE EARTH WILL BE BLESSED. And make disciples of ALL nations (see Matthew 28:19-20).

The other key is that we seek first the King. Friendship with God is not something for a select few or a future time but now. Everything else is secondary. Our first great calling is not to accomplish something FOR God, but TO God himself. Our greatest privilege on earth is learning to walk in friendship with God. Actually it is the only distinguishing factor that separates us from all other people's on the face of the earth! (see Exodus 33:16). Not only that, if we think we are achieving any form of 'success' but the people around us are not experiencing love, or we have disconnected from friendship with God then we have empty efforts. Our first priority is His Presence - intimate, experiential knowledge of God with us as we go about our daily work.

The Presence of God

God is everywhere at all times, but we can personally develop our intimacy and awareness of Him with us. In spite of intellectually knowing that God is in us and around us, many of us have never knowingly or intentionally experienced His Presence. Developing an awareness of His Presence with you throughout your daily life is one of the intended outcomes of this website. This is not a new idea; not only is this founded in scripture, you can also read about well known people like Brother Lawrence (The Practice of the Presence of God, written 1895) who spoke of experiencing the Presence of God while working in the kitchen, no different to when on his knees in prayer.

People experience the Presence of God in many different ways (emotionally, intellectually, physically...). For me this is most commonly associated with a sense of peace, regardless of circumstance. Other common experiences are internal feelings of love and hope - again, irrespective of the external situation. 

I encourage you to develop your own awareness of God's presence with you. Psalm 46:10 gives us a clue to do this: 

Be still and know God

This means to cease from your activities, be quiet, relax and intimately experience God. Gratitude is a great way to get your heart and mind focused on Him. Then sit quietly and invite Him to make himself know to you. Be aware of what you experience - mentally, emotionally, physically. And if you find your mind wandering, simply refocus again through gratitude (worship).

The Power of Agreement

Jesus said that when two agree on earth concerning anything we ask, it would be done from them by our Father in Heaven (see Matthew 18:19). There is power in agreement.

So, as you jump into this site and the resources, I encourage you to agree with me right now that a never-ending increase in partnership with the Person of God will become your daily experience. I pray that you are encouraged and accelerated into a fresh revelation of how good God is and how near He is to you right now. May He be the distinguishing feature that causes your life to stand out and may history record YOU as a friend of God!

Next step:

Grab a free copy of the book God With You at Work and walk through the application exercises at the end of each chapter. Heaveninbusiness.com/free

Bonus step: 

Join us in-person at an upcoming event near you. Even better, join us online where we are growing in identity, in business and in influence together. Each week we meet over a one-hour zoom call sharing stories of what God is doing at work all around the world and then strategically show you how to use scripture as a prayer template in business that gets results! Join the free seven day trial - Heaveninbusiness.com/free-trial

And may God answer you in the day of trouble, send help from His sanctuary and fulfill the purpose for which you are breathing oxygen right now! See Psalm 20.