How do you navigate hearing God TOGETHER (spouse... business partner...)

conflict hearing god relationships voice of god Apr 24, 2024
Hearing God with others

At the start of this year my wife and I went on a mini-sabbatical. It was the first time we have been away for some intentional listening and strategic planning for years. Our season has changed. The kids are now (mostly) out of the house.

As we were driving there she mentioned "I'm not sure if I'm excited about doing this with you.... just want you to be aware." Hmmm that could be an ouch. Or it could be something to closely pay attention to. The truth is for a significant part of our 25 years of being married, I have dragged or driven her into what I have felt is 'best' for us. Whether I was right or wrong is irrelevant. My zeal was lacking a bit of wisdom in HOW I went about it. 

The good news is I have learned to listen (and still learning...) to her voice. The other good news is the mini sabbatical was a huge success based on connection and practical outcomes/plan for this year. Even better, I get to lead Heaven in Business WITH my wife and everyone is better for it.

So what about you? In working with others (spouse, boss, leader... ) how do you navigate hearing God together?

This is a session out of the Hearing God course and will also be a hot topic in the soon-to-launch book equipping you to hear and follow the voice of God at work.

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Start with some foundational beliefs:

1. Humility or control? 

When you are the expert (business, finance... ) and your 'other' is not, it is easy to turn down their volume because they 'don't really know.' This is called pride...

God gives grace to the humble but literally opposes the proud. See Proverbs 3:34. 

2. Love or pots & pans?

Even If you are the most 'correct' or 'right' person on the planet and hear God like you have a permanent ear piece... but don't operate out of love, when you open your mouth all that is heard is banging pots.

See 1 Corinthians 13

3. Patience and ‘Hey God What Now?’

If you have heard something and your 'other' hasn't, that's ok. Be patient. God is more than able to speak to them, especially if this is a big deal decision. Even better, you know how to hear God for what to do (and what NOT to do) while you are waiting...

 What is most important?

Jesus chose ‘wrong’ for the sake of relationship. God - the most 'right' being in the universe was 'confronted' by Moses and by Abraham. 

Disagreement is not the same as dishonor or disrespect or disconnect.

If the most powerful and all-knowing beings in the universe can be confronted, can you?

Case Study - Volume Test

Reduce volume = miss the warning | blessing | presence

If you turn down their voice you won’t hear them when you really need to.

Now it's your turn!

Hearing God with others is to our benefit! However arrogance, ignorance and stupidity result in us turning down the volume of the voice(s) around us.

1.Whose voice have you reduced the volume of?

Spouse? Friend? Parent? Stakeholder? God?

2.Why is their voice important?

What do you risk losing? What opportunity are you missing? 

3.What will you do about it?

And when....?