Full Confession... and an Upgrade

belief calling favor purpose repentance self-sabotage Jan 31, 2023
Self sabotage confession and upgrades

Last week I got my first speeding ticket in a long time and it was a big one. But that's not what I want to talk about. Something has changed in January 2023 and I am convinced it's God-time. Here's what's happening, how God is convicting me and how it applies to you.

1. What's happening - Upgrades

In the last month we are seeing the 'lid' come off. We are not doing anything differently of ourselves but something has changed. This podcast is up 40% on the best month last year. We have travelled to two influential cities meeting and ministering to business leaders of leaders. We have some new connections that automatically upgraded our platform and favor (including sending us high quality audio visual equipment to upgrade the recording of this podcast!) And yesterday I was in a studio recording some Kingdom Business sessions that will be heading to Brazil....

On top of that, in-person events have opened right up with Washington DC, Birmingham AL, Atlanta GA, Portland OR, Destin FL, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Australia all saying "YES!"

And then the last couple weeks of our live calls with the Heaven in Business membership community have highlighted phrases such as Exodus 33:1 and 33:14:

"Get going!"

"I will go with you."

So what's happening? The lid has come off, nations are opening up, we are growing on every side. 

2. What's the Problem - Self-Sabotage

So in all of this am I not simply rejoicing and scrambling to meet the growing demand? Well, sort of! I was talking with a friend last week telling him what was happening and he caught me minimizing, deflecting and using humor to hide from what is unfolding. When I remember where I have come from or focus on my inadequacies I feel way out of my depth. I feel uncomfortable with the level of favor that God is pouring out. I feel scared that I might screw it up by saying or doing something stupid. 

Where did that come from? I could blame what others have done or said or justify it by my upbringing... "I a small town country boy from a small country at the bottom of the world..."

And what hit me was that all this fear and false humility and self-protecting was DISHONORING and DESPISING the goodness and grace (and glory) of God on my life.

I will never step into all He has for me if I will not fully embrace who He says I am. 

It's all about identity. 

One of my life verses is Isaiah 55:5 that the Lord re-emphasized at the end of 2022:

"Surely you shall call a nation you do not know,
And nations who do not know you shall run to you,
Because of the LORD your God,
And the Holy One of Israel;
For He has glorified you.”

What's the point? The increase is because God has glorified me (upgraded, elevated, granted me favor and access and increase...). That still feels awkward saying it. And... if I don't get ok with it, I will reject what He is wanting to clothe me with in order to step into what He has assigned for me. In other words, it's not about me! 

So I was behaving like the guy in the parable that Jesus told of a wedding feast... 

In Matthew 22 Jesus tells a parable illustrating the Kingdom of Heaven. A King holds a wedding feast for his son. He sent out invitations but all those initially invited ignored or rejected the invitation, even killing some of the messengers. The King was furious and destroyed the murderers and their town. Then the King sent out his servants to simply invite everyone they could see (on the street corners and the highways). The wedding feast was now full and the only condition was that each guest had to leave behind their own garment and put on the wedding garment that was a gift from the King. When the King came in, one man wasn't wearing the proper clothes for the wedding (doesn't say why). That guest was bound hand and foot and thrown out where there was weeping and gnashing of teeth. Jesus then summarizes saying "For many are called, but few and chosen." (see Matthew 22:1-14)

What's the point? I was/am like the guy invited to the wedding feast but refusing to wear the wedding garments because I don't feel adequate or worthy or comfortable or... 

What's the risk? If I don't get over myself (note - self is the problem: when you focus on your SELF rather that what Christ has done) I will find myself weeping and gnashing having missed out on what I was called and clothed to be part of.

What's the solution? Repent - change my thinking. God chose me, called me and clothes me; so who I am to refuse? If God says this about me, who am I to question it? I must simply align myself with what He says (continually) and humbly say "Yes Lord, be it to me according to your word." I must fill the gap of inadequacy with worship and grattitude then boldly and confident walk in the clothes, calling and commission that He has given me.

And better yet, I got to confess to my friend who is walking through the same, and we can keep one another accountable to never shrink back or make excuses or minimize or defer or dishonor the glory of God on our lives again.

3. What about you?

You will never step into the upgrades the Lord has for you if you don't embrace who He says you are. 

It's not about you! It's about Him and His kindness and His goodness and His grace alone. So say 'Thankyou!" 

Likewise, if you step into the upgrades and believe it is because of your efforts or ability or works (pride, religion...) you will find yourself being opposed by God Himself. He resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

So where are you holding back or hiding or making light of what the Lord is laying out for you? 

Where has He called or commissioned or clothed you with favor and grace? Are you walking into that? 

What will you do about it? 

If you want to fully walk into a partnership with God in all of life and do this in community with a like-minded business community, join us online at HeaveninBusiness.com/free-trial

Finally, if you ever see me making light (joking) or deferring inappropriately or holding back from what the Lord is calling and commissioning me to walk in, I give you permission to call me out! Let's commit to one another to building one another up until we ALL reach the fullness of the stature of the measure of Christ that is what He died for!

If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact me [email protected]