A Global Invitation

awakening israel prayer revival strategic May 03, 2023
Isaiah 62 Fast

When was the last time you leaned in for some deep spiritual growth?

Last month I asked a national faith and work leader I trust, what his suggestions were for me to grow. He told me a couple things then suggested I jump in on the momentum of more than one million Christians fasting and praying for 21 days May.

What??!!! More than ONE MILLION PEOPLE already committed to fasting and prayer? I wanted to know more.

Now, if you haven't been a praying person or you don't regularly pray for a country, don't stop here. Read on and it will all make sense. The key is, we want to grow in our intimacy and connection with God and we want to be part of what He is doing in the earth in our day.

So I followed the link to Isaiah62fast.com and listened to Mike Bickle, the founder of International House of Prayer. He spoke about what the Lord said to him and the real, existential threats to the nation of Israel and how this had blown up to over a million intercessors committed to fast and pray one hour a day for 21 days in May.

So, here's the story and an invitation for you to join us.

1. Join the weekly prayer (one hour, once a week) with Heaven in Business, OR

2. Find out more about the Isaiah62fast.com and go all-in for the daily prayer with one of the hubs, OR

3. Join us for a strategic retreat in Pennsylvania in May 17-19

Regardless of what you do, please engage in something extra with God this month and be found growing in faith, hope and love! Find out more HeaveninBusiness.com/global-prayer