HELP, I just got blindsided!

decision making leadership Aug 31, 2020

This post I unpack five things you can do when you get blindsided by problems. I have a bunch of things right now that have blindsided me... a bear visited our trash, my phone audio died, I cut my thumb with a power saw, the server for our learning management system was mistakenly terminated.... all in midst of conference week, new courses being launched, fires, politics, COVID19!!!

What has blindsided you lately? And what do you want to do?

I want to run and hide and eat sugar and chocolate. 

But, I've been around long enough to know that won't help. So what do I do? 

1. Physical Activity

When you get blindsided your body releases adrenalin. This is great if you need to fight or run but for most of us there isn't any external situation to combat. So the BEST thing to do is physical activity. Push ups, squats, lunges, walking, running, climbing... ANYTHING will help.

2. Psalms - Identity

Your identity is what is under threat. If you lose perspective you lose the fight. So the next most important thing to do is lock in who God say's you are. You cannot afford to have a thought in your head about yourself that is not in His head about you! Your performance doesn't define you. Your situation doesn't define you...

I'm locked in on Psalm 139. That keeps me in the right zone to be able to approach all else with the right perspective.

3. Priorities

Make a list. When you get blindsided you can easily get overwhelmed by all that is going on. Your head is spinning. You have a million decisions to make. STOP!!! Lock into your priorites. What is ONE THING you must do today to move foward? What is ONE MORE...? Make a list of the things you need to do to help you stay FOCUSSED on what needs to get done.

4. Fun & Family

Don't let the blindside make you blind. Remember your family. Remember you still have a life. Sometimes the most creative, idea releasing activity is to play with your kids... or do something fun. 

I intentionally did weekend activity with my kids. I built a salmon ladder with my son. I continued doing a 1,000 piece puzzle. I played a game with my daughter. I took the dogs for a walk. We watched a movie as a family on Friday night (Spiderman Homecoming). LOVED IT. 

5. Worship

This is the greatest form of warfare you can do. Just worship. Stand in the middle of the mess and sing out loud how awesome God is. His throne is unmoved. He is not surprised or worried. He is all loving, all knowing and all powerful. He is good, period. He is ALWAYS up to something good... even with your mess. 

So what will you do? 

If you are stuck... check out this simple course I put together that walks through a simple five step process how to hear God for practical decisions you need to make today.