How do you Decide?

decision making leadership priorities Nov 03, 2021
Decision making

Last week my wife and I celebrated 23 years of marriage and 13 years being in the USA. Those were some significant decisions and time has proven them to be GOOD ones! So how do you decide? Whether that's a new product line or who you will marry, here's some tips that have worked for me (or LISTEN to the podcast here) :

1. WHO do you let decide?

Make sure that you are the one making the decisions and not passively letting them be made by email, social media, the size of your vehicle, pride/ego/fear or some other significant voice. Freedom equals "I tell me what to do... and I do it." (Danny Silk).

You are the only one who governs your time and choices... unless you are in prison... 

2. Don't do this:

Don't rush in or be hasty. It's not good to have zeal without knowledge or be hasty and miss the way. Proverbs 19:2

Don't ignore the due diligence process. Pay attention to the details.

Don't ignore wise counsel

Believe in the Lord and you will be established; believe in His prophets and you will prosper. 2 Chronicles 20:20

3. How DO you make decisions?

This book shall not depart your mouth... mediate on it... and in so doing you will make your way prosperous and you will have great success. Joshua 1:8

Key clues and contributors to decision making:

1. Word of God

2. Voice of God

3. Prophets

4. Wise and godly counsel

5. Witness of trusted counsellors ("...this is the right thing to do...")

6. Submitting the decision to the Lord and His timing... surrender and yieldness

7. Inner knowing/conviction

8. Peace

ACTION: TEST it. It's only in stepping out that you find out if the ground is stable. Faith is only faith when action is involved. Do something small to move towards what you believe is the right decision and pay attention to the results.