How You are LIMITING God (and what to do about it)

advisor feedback growth limitation Jan 31, 2024
Feedback and growth

God had a plan to take a special people from slavery and oppression into a promised land. They turned what could have been an 11 day journey into a 40 year death march. An entire generation died in the desert because of unbelief, stubbornness and rebellion. Another entire generation had to wait for their parents and leaders to die before they could stop going in circles, course-correct, and take the ground promised to them and their children's children.

And we repeat this cycle far too often... sometimes without realizing it. Going in circles, slowly shrinking, telling ourselves we are making progress, but with a growing feeling we have been "here" before.  Wondering why we are the only ones doing "anything." Quietly reveling in the illusion that we are the smartest person in the room.

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How does this happen?

➡️ when you repeatedly ignore, resist or refuse feedback

➡️ when you fail to promote or empower leaders around you... beyond you!

➡️ when you silence your own voice (shrink back) or the voice of people around you

➡️ when you only surround yourself with people who agree with you, rather than challenge or adjust you

So is it possible for you to limit God?

Resoundingly. yes.

How? When you don't make room for Him or others. When you don't believe what He promised. When you don't remember what He has done already.

🚫 The Israelites forgot their history/testimony, refused to believe and turned back in midst of conflict. And limited the Holy One of Israel. See Psalm 78:41

🚫 The community Jesus grew up in limited His ability to do miracles among them because of their familiarity and unbelief (see Matthew 13:58). They limited Him to "the carpenters son" and failed to see that the carpenters son was ALSO the Son of God.

🚫 The Jewish apostles put a bunch of cultural rules and restrictions on the gentile disciples and in doing so "put a yoke on their neck." This was called limiting God's grace (test or challenge God). See Acts 15:10. 

Tell me more! How is this so?

Sadly, many of us, right now, are limiting what God wants to do in us, through us and around us AND our organization(s):

➡️ we refuse to grow personally ("I built this; it's my idea" "God told me, so I know best" "I'm the smartest person in the room...")

➡️ we limit the leaders around us (ignore them, disempower them, eventually chase them away)

➡️ we don't make room for the Holy Spirit (another topic, not for this post)


What's behind that?

With so much possibility and potential and knowing the phenomenal stories of those who have gone before us, why would we choose to limit God? What's behind that?

Here's a few reasons:

🪨 growth is inherently uncomfortable and awkward and messy

🪨 being adjusted is humbling and vulnerable (fear of shame, pride/ego)

🪨 change equals uncertainty and the loss of control (or illusion of it)

🪨 growth requires discipline, boundaries (and confrontation) and intentional and consistent focus

🪨 we are distracted with busyness and too much serving (see Luke 10:40-42)

So, how do we fix this and embrace ALL that God has promised?

Everywhere we go, we see one thing as the key to individuals and organizations that grow, compared to those that stagnate. And it's NOT the measure of anointing or nearness to God or time spent in worship. Sadly that has become one of the excuses why some individuals and organizations DON'T grow. 

For 100% of the individuals and organizations that we see as growing, they...

✅ have wise, available counselors who are willing to regularly speak in AND THEY DO

✅ respond to the wise counsel, consistently and intentionally

So what about you?

1. How's your growth and fruitfulness... really?

2. How well are you seeking out feedback and responding to it?

3. How regularly do you ask for and receive feedback? 

4. Who are the wise counselors in your life? Are they wise? Are they available? Are they speaking???

5. How often, clearly and lovingly are you speaking feedback and wisdom into the leaders, friends and family around you? 

What to do next:

Find an advisor, counselor, pastor or mentor who is wise, available and willing to speak truth. I have.

✅ weekly meeting with a spiritual director (paid)

✅ quarterly meeting with organizational advisors (unpaid)

✅ frequent conversations with peers whom I invite to give feedback (free)

✅ weekly conversations with a spouse who loves me enough to tell the truth... and I listen! (not free!)

✅ daily connection with the Word of God that is continually adjusting me (costs everything)

Your invitation:

Join a growing community of people seeking to fully experience what is possible with God at work... and engage in the wellbeing of the city's we serve.

Join an upcoming event where you can get connetced, trained and activated to grow in your partnership with God at work.

Further resources:

Necessary Endings by Dr. Henry Cloud

How the Mighty Fall by Jim Collins

The Prosperous Coach by Rich Litvin

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