What I learned from a Strategic Retreat

business strategy strategic strategy May 31, 2023
Strategic Retreat

Recently we hosted our first Heaven in Business Strategic Retreat. in this episode I summarize what happened, what I learned and what we are doing differently as a result.

1. What happened

We had 20 business leaders from across the USA meet us in Pennsylvania for three days. The first day we visited Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA. We got to tour backstage seeing the design, construction and execution of world-class shows that serve 2,000 people, 11 times a week for about 40 weeks a year! We were pleasantly shocked by the level of excellence from the moment you drive into the property through to the live animals that participate in the shows, to the intricate detail of the sets. We then got to experience the show of Moses (more on that later) followed by lunch and discussion in the story-room with the executive team, talking culture and Presence-based-leadership and how they hear God for solutions, strategies and the next show! We then headed to a catered dinner at the home of a local business friend.

The second day we heard the remarkable revival history and interweaving stories of William Wilberforce and William Penn and William Tennant... and Count Zinzendorf and the Moravians... and the holy experiment that IS Pennsylvania. We then unpacked the science behind cultural change (John Seel and his book Network Power) learning how a handful of highly committed people can and have changed global culture. With minds full we then went into the Life Center prayer house with Bob Perry and Lou Engle got centered back on the voice of God. And if that wasn't enough we had teams of prophetic people from Global Awakening give us rotating prophetic booths for over an hour in the evening. 

The final day we called an audible and headed down to the Capitol Building where we were gifted with a tour of the governors office, the senate and house chambers with the phenomenal art telling foretelling the story and prophecy of William Penn for this state. We then did mastermind groups unpacking key actions for each participant followed by impartation and launch!

2. What I learned

To say that I was somewhat overwhelmed is an understatement. We have yet to gather the participants in a followup call to debrief learning and subsequent application. So here's my attempt as some of the key points:

  • You are part of a story that is WAY bigger than you
  • You are not the lead role of that story... Jesus is
  • The quicker you yield your perceived control of the lead role, the easier it will be
  • You will never fully understand... TRUST is key
  • Don't try to connect all the dots; collect them
  • A handful of highly committed and resourced individuals with a clear focus can literally change society (and have done!)
  • If we truly trust God and believe His word we will take more risk... AND BE MORE PATIENT. This is a long term game - it is agricultural/organic in nature, not mechanical.
  • History is important. Prophecy is important. Jesus joins both, so stay close to Him.
  • It's time to awaken the soil - the Holy seed = the heritage and legacy you stand on and were grafted into
  • When you know how loved you are, you never feel insignificant (and avoid the pitfalls of comparison)

3. What I'm Doing Differently...

I find myself revisiting learning on a daily basis. The key points are coming up in multiple conversations. In many ways the learning further confirmed the direction we are already headed and raised the volume of that which is most important.

=> Be more patient in the journey (increase intentional joy-activities)

Side point: Interestingly I heard a podcast with Jordan Peterson talking about physiological wellbeing is strengthened by writing down past trauma and your future vision (frees you from past and give future hope/focus) and cognitive wellbeing is strengthened by regular physical exercise (your brain is about 2% bodyweight but consumes >20% energy!)

=> Don't change the subject

Know and stay in your lane/assignment. Celebrate, encourage and strengthen others in their lane but don't leave your priorities. Avoid Christian co-dependance (event based lifestyle, living to the lowest common denominator and 'if you're not ok then I'm not ok')

=> Protect and prioritize key relationships 

Identify those running alongside you, just in front of you and those you are given to lead and nurture. Don't get distracted with bright and shiny 'new' relationships. Commit to discipleship (receiving and giving). Think long term. 

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