How to Lead in Uncertain Times - Kris Vallotton

decision making leadership Feb 18, 2021
Kris Vallotton leadership and decision making

In this podcast I interview a well known and seasoned leader on how to lead and make decisions in the midst of uncertainty. Make sure you listen right to the end when Kris add's an exhortation that is hugely encouraging.

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Here's the questions that we covered:

  • What is your leadership role/responsibility 
  • What has been the hardest decision recently you have had to make?
  • How did you make it?
  • What do you do when there is great uncertainty, no perfect answer, things you need to decide, and God is silent about specifics?
  • Have you gotten decisions wrong? How do you lead knowing you won’t be right all the time and people/outcomes can be brutal?
  • How do you overcome fear of failure or what people will say?
  • How do you stay humble and not hard-hearted in most of adversity and/or injustice?

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Find out more about Kris Vallotton:

Kris Vallotton is an author, international speaker, culture leader, and most of all, a spiritual father to this generation.

As the Senior Associate Leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California and co-founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) and Moral Revolution, Kris has helped thousands of Believers over the last 20 years realize their identity as sons and daughters of God.

He’s a bestselling author, having written more than a dozen books and training manuals to help prepare believers for life in the kingdom.

Kris has a diverse background in business, counseling, consulting, pastoring and teaching, which gives him unique leadership insights and perspectives.

He’s a highly sought-after international speaker equipping people to successfully fulfill their divine purpose. Kris loves to both teach to the masses and advise leaders one-on-one, utilizing his experience and his prophetic gift to assist world influencers in achieving their goals. He commonly provides counsel to governmental and business leaders on practical strategies for cultural transformation. He has unique expertise in economies and building prosperous communities.

Though renowned for his writing and speaking, Kris and his wife Kathy are also successful entrepreneurs who co-owned 9 businesses in the automotive industry. Kris is the founder of the Bethel School of Technology, the Chairman of Advance Redding, and founder of Bethel Media.

Kris lives in beautiful Redding, California with his wife of 43 years, Kathy, their dog Samson, and Kathy’s horses, Dreamer and Legend.