AI, ChatGPT and YOU

artificial intelligence business growth chatgpt faith and work learning technology Sep 12, 2023

This episode is a conversation with Nate Brown, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Escape Velocity Systems. He has been in technology for over two decades and could probably talk for hours on this subject! So in this episode we establish some foundations:

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What is Artificial Intelligence as it relates to ChatGPT

ChatGTP is an artificial intelligence, web-based tool (chatbot) that enables you and I to enter prompts to create and edit a written response in the form of articles, social media posts, essays, code, emails, poems, recipes and the like. It was designed by the company OpenAI and launched at the end of 2022. There are multiple versions including the free 3.5 and the paid version 4.0.


ChatGPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer.

ChatGPT doesn't just produce a linear response (binary); it understands meaning of language to be able to use predictive, probability based responses that are remarkable.

Quick activation: The best way to see for yourself and demystify the tool is to try it out. Jump onto, setup a free account then prompt it with "Write an article on the benefits of integrating faith at work."

Read the response then enter the followup prompt "Rewrite the article in the tone of Jesus Christ"

Read the response then enter the followup prompt "Rewrite the article in the tone of Mother Theresa of Calcutta"

Then get it to rewrite the article for a group of four-year-olds.

Play around with different prompts using the same content or copy and paste an article you wrote and get it to critique or edit or rewrite or summarize for whatever audience you want.

What did you learn?

What is it NOT?

It is not a brain - the brain is WAY more complex and humans have many more senses. It is a tool/machine that can predict a response, accessing all the data on the world-wide-web using probabilities and assuming meaning of the entered text.

What are the benefits?


Simply put it can save time and quickly enhance understanding:

You can leverage existing knowledge or capability by editing, refining, testing assumptions and getting it to critique what you enter. 

You can write articles, poems, policy and procedures, processes, books, code, recipes, songs, scripts.... 

You can enter articles that you don't understand and get it to summarize or rewrite in language that you do.

Try it out: Enter "Summarize the book of Revelation in three points that are in the reading level of a 10 year old"

Now try: "Rewrite the theory of quantum mechanics, in poetry, for a class of four year olds" 

Now try: "Rewrite this in the voice of Jesus Christ" FUN!

And leads to...

What do we need to be aware or concerned about?

Keep Your Brain On! Don't blindly defer to a computer. Read the response. Test the response. Check any citations.

Be aware there is an idealogical bias based on the initial data that ChatGPT was trained on. 

Note also, the free version of ChatGPT was last updated November 2021 and does NOT have access to the internet. The paid version ChatGPT 4.0 DOES have access to the internet. 

As followers of Jesus how should we approach this development in technology?

ChatGPT has no conscience. While there are safeguards in place (eg. it won't respond to harmful or illegal activities), there are also ways humans can work around this.

It is a tool, not a person. It is not God. Never outsource your relationship with the Person of God or the Word of God to something else. ChatGPT can enhance and assist but never replace. How would you know? If you are spending more time interacting with ChatGPT than interacting with God.

Keep your brain on. Keep your spirit alert and alive and commune daily with the Creator of the Universe!

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