Faith, Hope, and LGBTQ

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In the midst of a society rich with narratives about identity and belief, Elizabeth Woning’s story stands out as a profound testament to personal transformation and spiritual conviction. This is a journey not just about a shift from one lifestyle to another, but about a deeper engagement with divine love and leadership within the Changed Movement. Elizabeth’s narrative is one that challenges, educates, and inspires, particularly within the intersections of faith, sexuality, and identity.

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Early Beginnings and Questioning

Elizabeth’s early years in ministry were marked by her alignment with an LGBTQ-affirming denomination. She was openly gay and actively participated in a community that supported her identity. Her seminary years were spent in an environment that not only accepted, but also advocated for LGBTQ rights within the Christian context.

A Pivotal Turning Point

The course of her life began to change following a powerful and unexpected spiritual experience at a charismatic Christian outreach event. It was here that Elizabeth encountered a mode of worship that was entirely foreign, yet deeply compelling to her. A significant moment occurred when she received a prophetic message from a participant, which resonated with her private prayers and questions about God. This experience sparked a profound reevaluation of her faith and beliefs about God’s knowledge of her personally.

Deep Dive into Scripture and Self-Reflection

Motivated by this encounter, Elizabeth embarked on an intense study of the Bible, focusing on understanding the nature of God rather than doctrinal interpretations. This journey through scripture led her to question the congruence between her sexual identity and her growing understanding of biblical teachings. She felt a growing conviction that to move closer to God, she needed to reconsider her lesbian identity, which she began to see as incongruent with her deepening faith.

Leading the Changed Movement

Out of her personal transformation, Elizabeth is now helping to lead the Changed Movement, a ministry that operates under the umbrella of Bethel Church and partners with Moral Revolution. The Changed Movement focuses on individuals from LGBTQ backgrounds who seek to reconcile their identity with their Christian faith based on biblical sexuality ethics. The movement is not only about personal change but also equips churches and leaders to approach LGBTQ issues with sensitivity and understanding.

Advocacy and Public Policy

Elizabeth’s leadership extends into the realm of public policy, where she engages with legislation concerning sexual orientation and gender identity. The Changed Movement advocates for the rights of individuals who have shifted away from LGBTQ identities to share their stories and perspectives, especially in environments where such views might be unpopular or silenced.

Conclusion: A Message of Hope and Transformation

Elizabeth Woning’s journey is a narrative of hope and transformation, grounded in a profound experience of divine love. It challenges both the secular and religious narratives about identity and change. Through her story and the work of the Changed Movement, Elizabeth offers a perspective that invites dialogue and understanding across diverse communities. Her life reflects a journey not just out of a lesbian lifestyle but into a role where she leads others to find reconciliation between their faith and their identities in ways that are compassionate, informed, and profound.

This story is not just about leaving something behind; it's about moving towards something richer and more meaningful—an encounter with divine love that reshapes everything.


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