Case Study - Hearing God for Business Strategy

decision making faith and work hearing god heaven in business scripture Sep 11, 2022
Business strategy from the bible

The last few posts we have talked about how I'm reading the bible right now and protecting your priorities. This session I'm taking what I have personally heard/hearing and walking you through what that is, how I heard and how I am applying that to our business in a new location. The result is a more refined and clearer business strategy, making it easier to cut through the noise and pressure of society and culture. It also makes me go, "Ahhhhhh..." releasing a big breath - relaxing into the 'zone' that is for us right now.

As you read and/or listen, you may want to jump back to the previous podcast episodes (#156 and #158) to get the background. Then do this for yourself. Who is your customer? How do you serve them? What is your business model? How to turn that into day to day priorities and planning so that you don't get distracted with all the other noise and pressures?

Firstly, one of my heroes is William Tennent, founder of the first Presbyterian Theological Seminary in North America in 1727 (until his death in 1746). What he started was labelled "the Log College" by other institutions - a derogatory name for this humble, 400 sq foot school house. In spite of ridicule, opposition and humble surroundings, he stayed focus on his calling... and died before seeing the full fruit. The Log College is now agreed as being the precursor to Princeton University (sadly, now long deviated from its foundation). What's the point? William Tennent stayed in his lane, focused on who he was called to serve and "built better than he knew." May it be the same and more for you.

So, what's my process?

As mentioned in How I'm Reading the Bible Right Now (#156), I have been reading over and over, the book of Titus. As I have continued to read this, a bigger and clearer picture has stood out to me. This is causing me to refine my focus for the STRATEGY of of my business. I have long had Titus 1:5 as a life verse. Reading the WHOLE book (letter) has give me much clearer context and reinforced the process.

Vision (unchanged) - Connect and catalyze one million business people partnering with God at work and engaged in the wellbeing of the cities they serve.

Purpose (enhanced 'why?') - Because work is a primary place we forge our friendship with God - Because I want to experience more of Heaven on earth in and through the workplace - Because I am sent to further the faith of God's chosen Ones and lead them to the full knowledge of the truth that leads to godliness (Titus 1:1)

Mission (reinforced - unique approach/focus) - We focus on the few who influence the many - we intentionally aim to serve business leaders who are called to influence their city or region = the ekklesia (see Ed Silvoso book of the same name)

How has reading Titus changed my business strategy?

1. Removed doubt - check out the first few verses of Titus. Paul repeats himself. "Paul, appointed by God.... at the command of God... as the Lord commanded me..."

2. Refined focus - look how clear the statements are in the first chapter. SENT to a specific location for a specific purpose. This is your customer. This is your region. This is what you are to do with them. Period. THIS IS AWESOME!!!! I love the clarity that the Word is giving to my business focus.

3. Raised conviction - I am SENT, STATIONED in a particular location with a particular customer and a particular purpose. Repeatedly the letter to Titus lays out... " i have commanded you." It's not a suggestion!

4. Reinforced key actions - throughout the book there are TONS of action words - teach, guide, lead, show, model.... This has reinforced the ACTION of what I will do as I serve my customers.

So what IS the business strategy?

Listen to Podcast #159 to hear the application...