How to Hear God at Work - with Dan McCollam

dan mccollam hearing god voice of god Mar 13, 2024
Hearing God Dan McCollam

Are you curious about hearing God at work? Dive into this session with Dan McCollam giving you 12 action steps as he trains you how to hear God at work. Find out more about Dan McCollam and his resources at

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1. Cultivate a Listening Posture

Dedicate time daily to silence and solitude, creating a space where you can listen for God's voice without distractions. This practice prepares your heart to receive and recognize His voice amidst the busyness of work.

2. Expect God to Speak

Shift your default expectation from doubt to anticipation that God will communicate with you. This mindset change opens you up to be more receptive to hearing God's voice.

3. Recognize the Modes of Communication

Understand that God's voice can manifest in various ways—through thoughts, feelings, impressions, or even through other people. Pay attention to the different ways God might be speaking to you.

4. Practice Discernment

As you feel you're receiving communication from God, ask for confirmation and discernment to understand whether it aligns with Scripture, the character of God, and brings peace to your spirit. This helps in filtering out your own thoughts from what God might be speaking.

5. Engage in Spiritual Conversations

Discuss your experiences and insights with trusted spiritual mentors or friends. This fellowship can provide confirmation, encouragement, and guidance as you seek to hear God more clearly.

6. Journal Your Insights

Keep a journal of what you believe God is speaking to you. Over time, this can help you see patterns, confirmations, and the fruition of things God has communicated, enhancing your confidence in hearing His voice.

7. Act on What You Hear

When you believe God has spoken something specific, take steps in faith to act on it, whether it's a change in behavior, making a decision at work, or speaking encouragement to a coworker. Acting on God's word increases your sensitivity to His guidance.

8. Seek Holistic Growth

Invest in your spiritual growth through regular engagement with Scripture, prayer, worship, and Christian community. A vibrant spiritual life enhances your ability to hear God in all areas, including work.

9. Embrace Failure as a Learning Process

Understand that growing in hearing God's voice is a process that may involve misunderstandings or mistakes. Use these as opportunities to learn and refine your ability to discern His voice.

10. Apply Prophetic Principles

If you receive a prophetic word or impression about your work, apply the principles of processing prophecy mentioned by Dan McCollam—identify who you are in God's eyes, recognize the unconditional and conditional promises, and understand the timing.

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11. Offer Your Work to God

Begin each workday by offering your tasks, interactions, and decisions to God, asking Him to speak and guide you throughout the day. This posture of surrender invites God's presence and voice into your work life.

12. Stay Open and Flexible

Be prepared for God to speak in unexpected ways and at unexpected times. Staying open and flexible allows you to recognize and respond to God's voice, even in the midst of a busy work environment.

By implementing these steps and consistently seeking to grow in your relationship with God, you can enhance your ability to hear His voice at work, leading to a more purposeful and guided professional life. 

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