I'm Stuck; I Don't Know What to Do PART II

confused decisions overwhelmed stuck Nov 15, 2022
I'm stuck I don't know what to do

Are you stuck? Recently I wrote about being stuck and not knowing what to do in a series of business and home situations well beyond my immediate ability to ‘fix.’ I was reminded of a king who said the same thing…. and set himself to seek God’s help/solution. I did the same although the strategy I got didn’t align with my natural tendencies to just push harder and try fix it.

Read on to find out what happened as a result.

My action involved intentionally increasing the amount of prayer and worship in my day. This is the OPPOSITE of what my natural tendency would be to do.

What did I do differently?

– re-established my plan of seeking God BEFORE reading my emails (about a 80% success rate this week)

– protected my priority of 1:1 time with God being still, listening, journaling

– I didn’t spend more time with Him but I did increase my awareness of Him through the day and before I went to sleep each night. The primary tool in doing this was continual thankfulness. Expressing grattitude in all things.

So did it work?

Did God show up on my behalf?

It is interesting how increasing thankfulness and awareness of God in all things keeps your heart in the right place and doesn’t give room for fear.

I also was intentionally looking for even small things that were a sign God was working on my behalf.

Here’s what has happened since God spoke:

1. We connected with a national copywriter/marketing guru who is right now helping us develop strategies.

2. I received advice from a trusted friend to benefit the health of my family.

3. I slept much better each night other than one while traveling.

4. Two separate people contacted me feeling inspired to pray for me during the night. One is on a different time zone and sets a reminder to pray in his mid morning which is my 3am! Another asked God to wake him to pray for me if I am restless! Wow.

5. We put on more new customers in a week than we did in the previous month!

6. We connected with a business group that will likely result in 100 new customers in a win:win relationship.

7. I connected with a reputable national company that will likely run some training events with us for our city.

8. Our builders who are renovating our new event center are going much faster and doing more than originally thought.

9. My team is strong in the midst of pressure.

10. Then to top it off I went out to lunch with some local business people on Friday. They have been a source of encouragement in all we are doing with Heaven in Business from the start. At the end of the conversation they handed me an envelope to open when I got home. On opening I found a check for TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for ‘HiB Growth.’ 

Are You Stuck?

We are not out of our challenging situation. We do have evidence God is WITH US in the midst of it and DIRECTING us forward. A friend recently told me:

You fear because you don’t factor ME into the equation – God

I would rather have challenges and discover more of God in the process than avoid them or be rescued out of them. If we are supposed to be MORE THAN overcomers, then we need to have some big challenges to overcome.

I am on track.

What about you?

I encourage you to read over the last blog and connect with God yourself.

I pray that you discover a God who is closer than your skin and nearer than the air you breathe. A God much closer than a brother. A Friend who is near in times of trouble.

I pray that you pause to be still and know Him – feel His breath and hear His whispers about HOW to move forward.

I pray that you ADD GOD into your stuck equation and you end up with PEACE and INCREASE!

Want more?

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