Summary - Take Another Look at Guidance by Bob Mumford

decision making guidance hearing god Mar 24, 2024
Hearing God Bob Mumford

We are in process of writing a book on hearing God at work. It's really a work of over four decades learning to hear God's voice... and we are still learning! In the process of writing the book we are reflecting on some of the great books we have read and learned from in hearing God's voice. This is one of them!

"Take Another Look at Guidance" is a book by Bob Mumford that explores the topic of seeking and discerning God's guidance in life. In it Bob uses his background in the maritime industry navigating a dangerous harbor channel to navigating our decisions with God. He uses three markers that must line up - the Word of God (Objective), the Holy Spirit (Subjective) and Circumstance (Divine incidence) Here are some key points from the book:

1. **Understanding God's Nature:** Mumford emphasizes the importance of understanding God's character and nature as a loving Father who desires to guide and lead His children.

2. **The Role of Scripture:** The author highlights the centrality of Scripture in seeking guidance from God. He encourages readers to immerse themselves in the Word of God and allow it to shape their understanding of God's will and direction.

3. **Listening to the Holy Spirit:** Mumford discusses the role of the Holy Spirit in guiding believers. He encourages readers to cultivate a sensitive spirit and to listen for the promptings and nudges of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

4. **Discerning God's Voice:** The author offers practical advice on discerning God's voice amidst the noise and distractions of life. He emphasizes the importance of prayer, meditation, and seeking wise counsel from others in discerning God's guidance.

5. **Trusting God's Timing:** Mumford addresses the challenge of waiting for God's guidance and timing. He encourages readers to trust in God's sovereignty and to patiently wait for His direction, even when it may not come immediately.

6. **Taking Action in Faith:** The author emphasizes the importance of taking action in faith based on God's guidance, even when it may seem uncertain or risky. He encourages readers to step out in obedience and trust that God will guide and provide for them along the way.

Overall, "Take Another Look at Guidance" offers practical insights and biblical wisdom for seeking and discerning God's guidance in all areas of life, ultimately leading to a deeper relationship with God and a greater sense of purpose and direction.

Bob Mumford is widely regarded as one of the foremost Bible teachers of the 21st century. Countless thousands of Christians, all over the planet, attribute their sustained, spiritual growth to Bob’s passionate proclamation of the Kingdom of God. His remarkable journey with the Lord started at age 12, but it was later, as a Pharmacists Mate in the US navy, that God’s sovereign call on his life emerged with unmistakable sovereignty.

Bob’s early ministry began, on the very naval vessel he was stationed, leading sailors to the Lord. It soon became clear that God had bigger plans and immediately after his discharge from the Navy, Bob entered Valley Forge Christian College. Here, he met Judith and in 1956 they got married. After graduating from college, Bob and Judith served for some years in missions, medical missions and pastoral care.

In 1963, Bob took a position as Professor of New Testament and Missions at Elim Bible Institute in New York. As the ministry grew, God directed Bob to complete a Masters degree at the Reformed Episcopal Seminary. This opened many doors to mainline denominational churches and for several years Bob and Judith traveled across the globe, ministering in both denominational and renewal congregations. Leadership, during the tumultuous years of the global Charismatic renewal, often came at great personal cost. It is precisely Bob’s readiness to share both his failures and insights into the word, that has made him a true mentor to the body of Christ. In recent years, God has released through Bob, a profound foundational word on “Agape” versus eros and a challenge to Christians to become “Human as God Intended”. Bob and Judith continue to serve the Lord with patient endurance.